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A refreshing waft of “outdoors” indoors – II

December 3, 2008

Earlier I wrote a post on the Tree theme in gmail. Here is a sample when it was foggy in San Francisco.

Foggy outside

Foggy outside - Top

The bottom screen shot tells the tale!!

Foggy outside - Top

Foggy outside - Bottom


A refreshing waft of “outdoors” indoors

November 26, 2008

Today, the day before thanksgiving, is a typical November day in San Francisco – cloudy and rainy. I opened my gmail account and saw some drops on the screen that appeared almost real. I actually tried to wipe the screen off. Here are some screen shots – not very good but adequate. Click on the image below and see the almost real and life-like droplet on the word “Unstarred” or the one on the word “Oldest”!!!

Tree theme in gmail

Tree theme in gmail - top

This is the “Tree” theme of gmail in action. Recently, as many of you may have noticed, Google introduced “Themes” to gmail so users can personalize the look and feel of their email client. More out of curiosity than anything else, I started playing with the various themes. I chose “Tree”  and I was surprised when it asked for the city I was in. I typed San Francisco. The theme reflects the weather outside so you can get a refreshing waft of “outdoors” indoors.  

Tree theme in gmail

Tree theme in gmail - bottom

More power to google!

Also see my post on the look when it is foggy outside (or your reference city related to the theme).