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Dirty Assets

January 8, 2009

Now its the porn industry’s turn to ask for a bailout! Hustler publisher Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis recently said they will request that Congress allocate $5 billion for a bailout of the adult entertainment industry.

Unlike the ‘dirty assets’ (read mortgage backed securities) that sank the finance industry, the ‘dirty assets’ of the porn industry might just help it to stay afloat.

It remains to be seen if Larry Flynt and Joe Francis will be successful even if they carpool to Washington in a hybrid! My only advice to them is to take some of their ‘dirty assets’ along!!!



November 23, 2008


Dostana is different! We all smile at this cliche and dismiss the bollywood personality who says it as unimaginative!! In this case, let alone any other Bollywood film, Dostana is even unlike Karan Johar’s other films:

  1. The movie name doesn’t start with letter “K”!
  2. The movie does not star Shah Rukh Khan!!
  3. The movie does not involve a love triangle!!!

But it is just another Karan Johar film considering it is eye candy from start to finish! Right from the beginning when credits roll as “Shut up and Bounce”unfolds in the back ground (or maybe its the credits that roll in the background), it is evident just how sweet and mouth-watering the candy is! Tarun Mansukhani (the first time director) and Karan make it ample clear what they have in store for us as Shilpa Shetty flaunts her fabulous body and John Ibrahim flaunts his. I am sure John with his six-packs gets more cat-calls from both sexes (it is a gay movie after all!) as he emerges from the waters of South beach than does Shilpa Shetty!

The story is simple and a little predictable but it does have a couple of unexpected twists and turns. Thankfully the film keeps up a fast pace and leaves the audience no time to predict. There is a scene where John discovers Abhishek also loves Priyanka. This situation had the potential of taking time but its crisp handling is ample evidence to the fact that the director does not want to waste time at all.

I have to say that Dostana is an extremely humorous movie peppered with very witty, funny jokes (even the gay ones) that keeps the audience in splits throughout. Some of the real gay characters in the movie are cliched portrayals but it does not take away anything from the movie. Most of the jokes will not offend you irrespective of your sexual orientation. In fact, they are more likely to crack you up completely!

Priyanka is very competent although the role wasn’t all that demanding. John who is not a terribly accomplished actor does fine here – no faux pas by him. But the pick of the lot is Abhishek who does an outstanding job of a straight male-nurse pretending to be gay, a traditional punjabi mama’s boy, and a cool single Miami dude trying to woo a cool single Miami gal. He has the most difficult role of the movie with a relatively complex characterization but he pulls it off well and remains believable doing it. There are quite a few really gay scenes and thankfully both John and Abhishek look relaxed and at ease which is crucial to the success of the movie. 

If you are looking for some light-hearted GAYentertainment, Dostana is for you but if you are looking for some emotional, thought-provoking and closer-to-stark-reality (Brokeback mountain) then you will be disappointed. Although, there is a little cheeky reference to realism right at the end when Priyanka questions Abhishek and John if they developed any real gay-feelings for each other in the course of their masquerade as a gay-couple. Actually, we would like to know the answer to that one as well!

Mastam mastam

November 11, 2008

I’ve been an ardent fan of A. R. Rehman since he released his first full length film album Roja. Unlike many of his contemporaries in the Bollywood music space, his compositions have this lasting quality. I have to admit that I have been rarely smitten by his melodies and compositions the first time I listen to them. And this is not Rehman’s fault, but it is my brain that needs some time before it can comprehend the greatness of his complex compositions. But by the second, third or sometimes the fourth time, when my brain finally gets it, I am totally in love with his music. With Yuvvraaj, 2 times was the charm for me.

The one song that definitely stands out is Mastam Mastam. I believe it is the best song that the album has to offer because it is a beautiful confluence of the four essential elements that make up a great song – melody, instrumental rendering, vocal rendering, and last but definitely not the least – the lyrics. The song opens with a vocal chorus whose tune is ample evidence of the complex melody that is a hall mark of Rehman compositions. The first half of the song is mostly vocal rendition with a subdued instrumental rendition. This changes in the second half where the instrumentals get more focus and build up full blast to a crescendo in the end. The immensely talented Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik are the lead vocalists and do a fabulous job.

I strongly believe that the soul of any song is its lyrics and Gulzar once again displays his maverick streak as a poet in this song. Labelling the lyrics as unconventional would be an understatement. They are truly wacky and only Gulzar can come up with something like –

Mast Mast Dar Mastam, Dar Rind Vind Dar Mastam
Aast Hast Gar Mastam Dar Mastam


Aaye Ji Baanke Aaye, Hastam Mastam
O Danke Bajate Aaye, Rustam Shustam
Bheje Mein Bhauchal Hai, Pairon Mein Paatal Hai
Dil Ka Ahwal Leke Aaye, Billi Ki Khaal Hai
Chitey Ki Chaal Hai, Dham Dham Dhamaal Leke Aaye
O Rustam Aaya, O Chustam Aaya
Sou Surangon Se Mein, Chup Chup ke Yun Lene Aaya 

Listen to this song today, tomorrow, and a year later and you will enjoy it equally.

Desi Girl

November 6, 2008

I am a fan of Karan Johar movies and Vishal-Shekhar music and so Dostana (in which the two come together) is a treat.

Ik lakh lakh pardesi girls, Ain’t nobody like my desi girl!

Who is the hottest girl in the world? Desi Girl, Desi Girl!!

Thumka lagaike, she’ll rock your world!!! Desi Girl, Desi Girl!!!!

That is how the new song – Desi Girl (listen to the song by following link) from the film Dostana goes and I could not agree more with the lyrics. Not to mention that the song itself is quite outstanding. I absolutely love the fast beats. This song was made for the dance-floor and even a complete non-dancer like me cannot help tapping his feet after listening to the song. The visuals of the song in the promos also look quite promising.

More power to Karan Johar and Vishal-Shekhar.