Mastam mastam

I’ve been an ardent fan of A. R. Rehman since he released his first full length film album Roja. Unlike many of his contemporaries in the Bollywood music space, his compositions have this lasting quality. I have to admit that I have been rarely smitten by his melodies and compositions the first time I listen to them. And this is not Rehman’s fault, but it is my brain that needs some time before it can comprehend the greatness of his complex compositions. But by the second, third or sometimes the fourth time, when my brain finally gets it, I am totally in love with his music. With Yuvvraaj, 2 times was the charm for me.

The one song that definitely stands out is Mastam Mastam. I believe it is the best song that the album has to offer because it is a beautiful confluence of the four essential elements that make up a great song – melody, instrumental rendering, vocal rendering, and last but definitely not the least – the lyrics. The song opens with a vocal chorus whose tune is ample evidence of the complex melody that is a hall mark of Rehman compositions. The first half of the song is mostly vocal rendition with a subdued instrumental rendition. This changes in the second half where the instrumentals get more focus and build up full blast to a crescendo in the end. The immensely talented Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik are the lead vocalists and do a fabulous job.

I strongly believe that the soul of any song is its lyrics and Gulzar once again displays his maverick streak as a poet in this song. Labelling the lyrics as unconventional would be an understatement. They are truly wacky and only Gulzar can come up with something like –

Mast Mast Dar Mastam, Dar Rind Vind Dar Mastam
Aast Hast Gar Mastam Dar Mastam


Aaye Ji Baanke Aaye, Hastam Mastam
O Danke Bajate Aaye, Rustam Shustam
Bheje Mein Bhauchal Hai, Pairon Mein Paatal Hai
Dil Ka Ahwal Leke Aaye, Billi Ki Khaal Hai
Chitey Ki Chaal Hai, Dham Dham Dhamaal Leke Aaye
O Rustam Aaya, O Chustam Aaya
Sou Surangon Se Mein, Chup Chup ke Yun Lene Aaya 

Listen to this song today, tomorrow, and a year later and you will enjoy it equally.

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7 Comments on “Mastam mastam”

  1. imienazwisko Says:

    I don’t like Yuvvraaj sountrack at all, now I prefer songs fromRNBDJ with Srk. This songs really rocks!

  2. amitgohil Says:

    As I said in the blog, A R Rehman’s music grows on you. The more you listen to it the better it sounds. I do like Haule Haule from RNBDJ with Sukhwinder doing a great job singing the song. Of course SRK looks extremely unlike himself in the song!!!

  3. imienazwisko Says:

    I get Yuvvraj soundrack and I listen to all song more than 4 times. I like only Tu Hi To Meri Dost Hai. I think that A. R. Rehman does great work, but his song are not for me. Couple of months ago I felt in love with tracks from dil Se but now I cen’t listen to them:P Maybe it’s ‘coz what I listen depends of my mood.

  4. amitgohil Says:

    I am glad you liked – Tu hi to meri dost hai. I love Rehman (check out Jaane tu ya jaane na – you may like it) – saw Slum Dog millionaire and loved his music in the movie. If you don’t like Rehman that much check out Pritam – (Life in a metro, Jab we met, many more) Shankar Ehsaan Loy (Rock on – authentic rock music, Johnny Gaddar, many more).

  5. imienazwisko Says:

    God, I know all that songs:P JTYJN got of the best OST ever. Rehman music is sth strange, my “liking it” depends of weather, mood etc. Pitam tracks for Jab we met are great too, they are so superb and different. Now I fall in love with Saawariya title song, Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte from RNBDJ, Billo Rani from Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal, Nobody like you from Mission Istambul and much more. In Thursday I performe bollydance to Dhoom Taana from OSO and everybody now want to have this song:)

  6. amitgohil Says:

    Dhoom tana is a great song…. Great that people liked your performance and the song. Actually, there is a mainstream American dance show called “So you think you can dance” on US network television channel Fox. Last season they performed several bollywood dances and the first of them was dhoom tana from OSO check it out here if you haven’t already seen it –
    They are American dancers competing to win the title but they did a fabulous job with the choreography.

  7. imienazwisko Says:

    I’ve seen many times, but I don’t this choreography made for these dancers. Maybe they don’t have too much in common with this kind of dance and they teachers don’t want to kill them by learning mudras:P

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